Internships calendar for Social Sciences and Public Policy 2022-23

We’ve all been there. You start looking for internships and before you know it, two hours have passed, you went into some kind of internet vortex and you only found one relevant thing – and its deadline just passed! 

It’s no surprise that the thing which students most often ask Careers Consultants about is what kinds of internships / work experience they can apply for. This is definitely the case for students wanting to work in politics, policy and the public sector as work experience opportunities are not always as numerous or as well advertised as those in the financial, legal and technology sectors (which are the kinds of internships you’ll find if you look at the usual sites such as TargetJobs or Bright Network).  

To try to make it easier to access information about policy, politics, public sector work experience opportunities, your SSPP Careers team (Andrea Cox, Fiona Richardson and Beckie Barlow), have compiled a list some UK and global internships below.  

The idea is that you can bookmark these dates in your calendars for the year ahead so you know when the deadlines are likely to be.   

Two things for you to be aware of:  

  1. The list here is not comprehensive! There are many, many more internship programmes and work experience opportunities out there. Think of this resource as one part of your research. To maximise your chances you will need to cast your net wider than this. You could have a look at:  


    2. This list is based on crowdsourced information – these schemes may not run at the same times (or at all) in 2022-23. You therefore need to take responsibility for checking individual sites.  

If you are an international student you will also need to check carefully the visa requirements for each programme. For further support on this talk to the Visa & International Student Advice team. If you find out any updated information about the following programmes and would like to help us keep the guide as accurate and useful as possible to the wider KCL community then please email Andrea Cox 



The PSC  

Public Sector Consultants 

London, UK 

Summer internships  

Opens September 

Asia House Fellowship 

12 month research project for people who will be PGT/PGR graduates by Oct 2023. For those interested in researching an issue driving change in Asia and Middle East 


Opens October, closes January 

Bank of England  

Internships (including first year internships), insight days 

London, UK 

Some opening in Autumn, others throughout the year  

Early Diversity Internship Programme, UK government (Civil Service) 

5 day summer internship for 1st year UG students from diverse backgrounds 

London, UK 

Opens Autumn, closes November 

World Bank internship 

For current PGT/PGR students who can undertake an internship as part of their course  


Application window 1-31 October for winter internship, 1 December – 31 January for summer internship 



Chatham House  

Policy think tank 

3 month internship 

London, UK 

Opens January  

Wellcome Collection 

Charity focusing on advancement of science 

Summer internship for UGs 

London, UK 

Opens Feb 

Institute for Government  

Think tank working with governments 

London, UK  

12 month graduate internship 

Applications usually open March for September start 

Centre for Global Development 

USA, remote 

Part-time summer Internship Programme, US nationals 

Usually opens March  

Kings Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme 

London, UK (some fellowships offered remotely) 

Summer internship for UG students 

Usually opens March, closes April  

NATO Parliamentary Assembly Research Programme 

Brussels, Belgium 

PGT and PGR graduates 

Opens Spring 



King’s Parliamentary Research Internship  

6-9 month part-time internship for PhDs/Postdocs 

Opens Summer, Closes August 


Rolling deadlines  

APCO Worldwide 

Public Affairs / Strategic Communications Internships 


Various opportunities 

Black Sea Trade & Development Bank  

Various internship opportunities  




Summer internship and graduate internships 

UK + Europe 

Rolling deadline 

CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) 

European government think tank  

Brussels, Belgium 

Various positions  


Civil society think tank 

3-6 month graduate internships 

London, UK 

EU traineeships  

3-6 month internships for PGTs and PGRs 


Various deadlines