How to build and maintain your LinkedIn network

Welcome to the second post from our three-part series on how to become LinkedIn savvy! This post gives some tips and advice on how to build and maintain a LinkedIn network. These materials have been created by Sabrina Woods and additional handouts can be found at 

Add to your connections 

Invite past and current coworkers, classmates, friends and family to connect. Be sure to add these 3 things to your customised invitations: the person’s name, a personal message and the words “thank you”.

There are four levels of connections: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and group 

A 1st level connection is your direct connection, 2nd is essentially a “friend of a friend” etc. Focus on your 1st and 2nd levels, as well as groups.   

Add updates on your home page 

This is where you can post an idea or question, mention a recent accomplishment, share industry information or pass along a great blog post. You can also post your own photos and videos, just be sure they are career related. Your updates appear on your 1st level connection’s home page. Review 10 Tips to Amp Up Your Reputation Using Linkedin Updates.    

Tag fellow Linkedin members in your updates 

Like on Facebook, Instagram and other social media, you can tag someone when posting on the home page. Merely add the @ symbol before a user’s name or company. Consider tagging the author of a blog or tag someone when you post a question to ask them to weigh in. They will be alerted that you mentioned them.   

Join groups 

You can join up to 100. Use the search bar, add in keywords such as an industry or your alma mater, then select “Groups”. To see groups you are already in, go to the “Work” tab (upper right-hand corner). To see what groups you have in common with someone, scroll to the very bottom of their profile, then select “See More” and click on “Groups.” 

Read our first post all about how to get your LinkedIn page looking savvy and keep an eye out for the final part of the series on the blog next week!