Global Placement Stories | Esther Okusanya at Microsoft as a Technology Strategist

Esther Okusanya is a current Computer Science with Management student at King’s College London. In this entry of Global Placement Stories, Esther Okusanya talks about her tips to secure a placement, and what her role at Microsoft entails!

Tips for Securing a Placement 

  • Start early 
  • Utilise King’s Careers for reviewing CVs and Cover Letters and for interview practice.
  • Quality applications over quantity, rather than playing the numbers game, select 10 or less companies do lots of research and create CVs and cover letter reflecting this and skill up to the ones that are slightly above your current skill level
  • Apply to the placement you really want last so you can practice interviews and assessment centers on the less preferred companies 

Placement Experience 

The Partner Technology Strategist role at Microsoft was the number one on my list and I’m still surprise to this day that I got it.  

With little understanding about the role, I read so much how amazing the culture here at Microsoft, so I knew I was in safe hands. My initial goals were to have fun and learn as much as possible.  

So far, I think my soft skills has been greatly impacted more than my technical skills. Things like problem solving, email etiquette and navigating difficult scenarios and mostly putting yourself out there by speaking to anyone and everyone. Leaning on my intern cohort who were in the exact position as myself, really kept me going through the year. 

The role allows me to speak to so many people within the organisation but also senior stakeholders in partner organisations. Outside of my core role I get to participate in other tasks and projects the most exciting is my second role in the K12 education team allowing me to travel across the country to schools promoting tech careers and Early in Career opportunities.