Get your LinkedIn Profile Sorted in Three Easy Steps!

We’ve got a guest post for you today from Mincho Vichev, MSci Biochemistry, and Masters Ambassador for the KCL Biochemistry Society, who kindly wrote up some tips from an event that ran on LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Mincho! 

Senior Careers Consultant Sue Moseley revealed the three key steps to make your appearance on the social platform for business more attractive and professional.

Step 1: Decide why you want to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a website that has a lot more to offer to its members than just finding a new job or employee. With over 590 million users, it is the largest professional networking platform, which makes it an excellent place to make new connections. The daily content posted in the social media’s news feed can provide valuable knowledge, insights, and opportunities to all users. Thus, if you are only using LinkedIn to find a job, it might not work out! Think about what interests and experience you can share with your community and how you can contribute, and the benefits of using LinkedIn will soon follow!

Step 2: Create/Improve your profile

There are certain steps to keep in mind when building your profile. It all begins with your headline, which presents most powerfully who you are and is the first thing people see when they find you. Next up, keep your summary simple and interesting, include interests and current work, and a track record of your accomplishments. Brush up on your profile basics, such as your education, experience, skills and endorsements, again keeping it simple, but up-to-date. For optimal results, make sure to take control of your privacy and notification settings.

Step 3: Connect!

Find your friends and colleagues, join groups, follow companies and alumni from your course! These are all ways to get connected on LinkedIn and start sharing. Always maintain a professional attitude and show personality in everything you do. If you follow the three steps, finding a job will be the least you can do!

These and other elements of effectively using LinkedIn were discussed by students and Senior Careers Consultant Sue Moseley in the event co-organised by the KCL Careers Office and the KCL Biochemistry Society.