Every week is YOUR Careers (& Employability) week!

This week, 4-9th March, is National Careers Week. Ah, another national something week or day to”celebrate” or to raise awareness about, you might say. I agree! Here at King’s Careers & Employability we think every (or any) week of the year should be YOUR Careers (& Employability) week!

So why not spend some time, today or whenever you have time, to think about what you want to do about your career – this week, next week, or ten weeks from now – and set some goals for yourself.

Maybe you’ll be thinking about what it is you want to do and how you can find out more about the sector or type of role you want to work in? Or maybe you know exactly what you want to do but need to figure out how exactly you are going to get there? Whatever stage you’re at – Discover, Focus, Action – we’re here to support you along the way.

How can we support you?

We’ve stressed this before, but now really is the time to seek our help, whether you would want to talk to a Careers Consultant or Application Adviser in a one-to-one appointment, or would like to attend one of our many events, workshops or networking opportunities (you can network with employers or alumni to find out more about the organisation or industry you’re interested in!).

Our service is open all through summer and appointments will remain bookable through King’s CareerConnect, but most of our events are happening during term time and we would hate for you to miss out! Have a look on King’s CareerConnect to view upcoming events and check out recordings of previous events on KEATS.

I’d also recommend that you check out some of our resources on KEATS and on the King’s Career Kit. We’re in the middle of updating our sector guides to include content for everyone, no matter what stage you’re at, which you can navigate by using our Discover, Focus, and Action sub-headers. Some of these sector guides are already updated and available in our office or on the King’s Career Kit, so make sure to check them out!

Setting your goals

If you’re struggling to set your goals, make sure to book an appointment with one of our Careers Consultant to talk things over. We’ve also created a short list of some things you could consider doing:

  • Make your way to our Future Advantage: Deciding What To Do workshop on 11 March 2019.
  • Update your CV using our online resources! We have a great new video which you can watch, or handouts and magazines with useful information. You can also book a same day appointment with an Application Adviser to get feedback on your CV, from 7am Monday-Friday on King’s CareerConnect.
  • Tweak your LinkedIn profile! Have a look at some of the resources here and keep an eye out for our new three part blog series with tips for your LinkedIn profile (first blog post will be out on Saturday 9 March!).
  • Use Lynda.com to improve or learn business, software, technology and creative skills. Read about our subscription to Lynda.com here.  
  • Practice the STAR approach to get better at demonstrating your skills and competencies.

The most important thing when setting your goals is that you do things in your time. You shouldn’t feel stressed out about making decisions about your career, and if you do make sure to talk to us (or someone else) about it. You can reach us by booking an appointment on King’s CareerConnect, visit our office in SE Bush House, or via phone, email and social media.