Careers+: What You Need To Know

What is Careers+?


Careers+ is our exclusive programme of additional careers support and a cornerstone of our commitment to a diverse and inclusive community. Careers+ is tailored to UK undergraduate students from under-represented groups currently studying or graduated from King’s in the last two years.


Ladan Hong, our specialist Careers+ consultant is excited for this year’s jam-packed Careers+ schedule; “this scheme is a brilliant opportunity for students and we’re delighted to be running our second year of Careers+ after a very successful 2018/19”.

Students registered for Careers+ have:

  • Longer Careers Guidance appointments including via Skype and phone (30 minutes)

  • Advance booking for Careers Guidance appointments (two weeks in advance)

  • Drop in sessions with a Careers Consultant

  • Ringfenced careers workshops

    A portrait of Ladan
    Ladan Hong, King’s Careers & Employability Careers+ Consultant
  • Exclusive employer workshops and events



How to apply

You’ll find the registration form for Careers+ in the ‘forms’ section at the bottom of your King’s CareerConnect homepage. You will not be able to see Careers+ specific activities and events unless you have registered.

If you’ve not used King’s CareerConnect before, you’ll need to complete your profile before you can access the Careers+ registration form.

Upcoming Careers+ events


Keep your eye on King’s CareerConnect because this is where you’ll be able to search for any careers-related events throughout the year. We update it regularly so keep checking back for your dream opportunity and to access exclusive events!


…And while we’re on the subject of exclusive events, sign up for our Finding Work Experience & Internships Workshop on 9th October, specifically for Careers+ students. Work experience is a useful way of trialing out an industry, a role, or a company, and developing the confidence to pursue your own future path. Many companies hire almost exclusively from their intern pool and internships always look impressive on your CV and future job applications. Even if you decide that you no longer want to pursue that specific career path, internships prove your business acumen and initiative.

Remember! You need to be signed up for Careers+ before you can view or book onto this event (or future Careers+ events) so get registered!