Careers in….medicinal marijuana!?

At Careers & Employability, we want to make sure that every student is aware of the wide variety of careers open to them. Our events should inspire you to seek further support on your career journey or help you focus in on an area that you are already interested in. A frequent complaint from some students is that we focus too much on the traditional markets – law, finance, IT et al. And those complaints have a degree of truth to them, as we do a lot in these areas. But to counter that, have you seen some of the events we are running this term?

For example, on November 8th, we will host ‘An Evening with…Mike Abbott, Medical Marijuana Entrepreneur’. Mike will shed light on his intriguing career path, which has something for everyone: career changers, aspiring financiers and first-time job seekers. While you may think of your career very traditionally with the idea that you will climb the ranks within one company or firm, in today’s job market, the reality may be that a young professional will have a number of career changes.

A King’s alumni, Mike Abbott studied Law at university, served in the Metropolitan Police Force, began his career in finance at Goldman Sachs and is now Executive Chairman of Columbia Care, which owns and manages the largest portfolio of medical marijuana licenses in the United States. Mike’s career path illustrates just how varied your career and the opportunities open to you can be.

This is just one example of the interesting events that we put on across the year. Our ‘Discover Careers In…’ series attracts a huge range of representatives and speakers from industries such as film and TV, to science communications and data analysts. These events have been designed to help broaden your eyes to a wealth of industries and job roles. Similarly, if you are looking for more targeted help, our ‘Future Advantage’ sessions will take you through skills from writing a CV to understanding what you offer to employers. You can also book an appointment with our Careers Consultants or Application Advisers to work through your personal ideas and queries on a 1-1 level.

All our events can be found on King’s CareerConnect where you can also book appointments, register for sessions and find job opportunities throughout the year. We look forward to welcoming you!