Assessing King’s Experience awards….

Another blog post from the King’s Experience team today, this time from Project Officer Andy Boynton, who brings news of an employment opportunity for Postgraduate Researchers at King’s….

King’s Experience is offering paid academic practice opportunities to Postgraduate Researchers at King’s in 2018-19.

King’s Experience is overseeing assessment for several non-academic credit bearing awards in 2018-19:

  • The King’s Experience Global Award
  • The King’s Experience London Award
  • The King’s Experience Research Award
  • The King’s Experience Interdisciplinary Award
  • The King’s Experience Enterprise Award
  • The King’s Leadership and Professional Skills Award

The role involves marking assessments and attracts a payment of £300 for marking around 20 assignments (subject to tax, which may be refundable). Training will be provided, and further information on training will be provided if you are successful.

King’s Experience Awards are innovative. For example, participants on the King’s Experience Global Award and London Award can submit an essay for their assessment, but they can also submit an academic poster, or publish a website, or make a film. A receptive approach to innovative assessments is therefore an important asset for this role. King’s College London reserves the right not to pay Assessors who do not mark assessments to the required standard. All assessors may be required to complete an assessor contract prior to their marking.

Artur Borkowski, a previous assessor, says about his time “It was a great opportunity to assess non-traditional assessments. Really compliments the more traditional marking you do as a GTA and helps you think about how you want to set up your own modules.

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity provided by King’s Experience, please visit our website for more details.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 11pm on the 23rd September 2018.

You can find out more about King’s Experience opportunities by following us on Twitter or by emailing us.