Access Impact by Design on KEATS

Do you know how to increase the likelihood that your research will make a difference?

In the KEATS course Impact by Design you can learn more about what impact actually is, and how you can embed it into your research. Impact is described as outcomes of your work that is not academic publications. Want to know what non-academic impact of your research can be? Check out the course on KEATS!

In the first part of the course, the Policy Institute aims to show you how to “design with the end in mind”. This part explains what “impact” is and how we might define it, as well as how to plan for it. This part is broken into 8 videos, giving you exercises to do at various stages in the course.

The second part of the course you will learn more about how to communicate your research with policymakers, and how to capture evidence of the impact you have with your research.

Want a sneak peek of what’s to come if you check out the Impact by Design KEATS course?

“There are many challenges. I think for some people, for some academics, it’s very easy to see how the work they’re doing in their research day-to-day might translate into these impacts in society. Those, for example, that are working around health services, or in public policy, perhaps around national security. You can see where the ideas that you’re generating might end up in impacting the world. For others, it’s much harder to make that connection. And l think that’s what we try through the course, to help people see where they can make an impact and how they can do it.”