Student Accommodation: A Home Away from Home

As a postgraduate, finding the right accommodation is incredibly important; comfort, accessibility and strong WiFi are all essential aspects to consider. Asking the right questions will help you narrow down what will work best for you. Where’s the nearest library? How long will it take me to get on campus? Is there a Nando’s nearby? 

Studying at postgraduate level can make it attractive to live and learn in a more mature and collaborative environment, where you can focus, innovate and relax. King’s Residences provide a variety of quality accommodations across London to suit your individual lifestyle (coffee-fuelled) and budget; all residences are safe, professional, service-driven and inclusive spaces, in line with King’s vision for 2029 to make the world a better place. Living on campus is a unique opportunity to meet new people, develop your approach to tackling life’s challenges, and spend more time doing the things you love i.e. catching up on sleep, allowing you to reach your full potential.

Living in the heart of London means you have the chance to connect with people from so many different backgrounds, with different perspectives, whilst exploring all that London has to offer… food, entertainment, shopping – you name it!

If King’s Residences isn’t the best option for you, I have listed some private accommodation options below; flat sharing can help reduce the costs! If you are an offer-holder or a current student, you can use the KCL Flatmate Finder group to find other students to live with.

Moving away from home, perhaps for the first time, can be both exciting and nerve-racking. You can always bring a bit of home with you, as well as your own personality, to make your accommodation more cosy, colourful, minimalist, whatever your style. You can find more information about moving into residences, what to bring and what not to bring here.

King’s Residences are here to help you throughout the application process; they have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help with most queries. If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can always contact them.

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  1. Finding student accomodation can be tricky. Where do you need to be in the city? Rents get cheaper as you get further away from the centre, but then your transport costs go up. So you would need to factor in these extra costs on top of rent. London is a fairly accessible city, easy to get around by public transport. Maybe not as bicycle or pedestrian friendly as some European cities, but the tube, buses are pretty ok. Budget of course is probably always the deciding factor, and this is difficult in an expensive city like London. Flat sharing is always an option for students and fairly common across the city. I personally would check out coliving london some companies have shared flats, others have studios, 1 bedroom flats. They usually have properties in a variety of locations, so rents can vary and in some areas be quite reasonable. Plus they tend to all be fully furnished, no need to stress about buying and finding furniture. And rents include bills and wifi, so also you don’t have to mess about with setting those up and paying them each month, Just pay the rent! I would check out,

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