Preparing for King’s

The last drops of summer sunshine are trickling through signifying the end of the summer holidays, and the start of an academic adventure for many new students!

Starting at a new university can sometimes feel nerve-racking or overwhelming, but not to worry – here are a few tips to help you prepare for life at King’s.

  1. Get involved!

There are loads of different ways you can enrich your time at King’s and meet new people, aside from your studies, such as volunteering, joining clubs and societies, or exploring London! I am currently a member of the Neuroscience and Open Minds societies, and have had the opportunity to attend numerous brilliant talks. You can find out more about how you can be a part of the awesome KCL student community here.

  1. Get connected

King’s Mobile app is a fantastic way to stay connected to different resources such as KEATS (the KCL e-learning platform), careers guidance and much more. You can download the app here. I would also recommend downloading the Outlook app so you can keep on top of your emails! You can find out more about accessing your KCL email here.

  1. Take up something new

There is a huge variety of courses you can join alongside your main one, ranging from online courses to taster lectures. Want to learn a new language? Want to try something completely new? Want to find new perspectives? Go for it! As an example, I have taken part in the AKC (Associateship of King’s College), a course open to all students, exploring religious ideas, topics and contexts. You can find out more about the various extra-curricular opportunities here.

Welcome week will be taking place between the 16th-20th of September 2019, where you’ll be able to attend various events and induction activities to help you settle in.

The IoPPN is a phenomenal place to try, learn and grow. You will have access to amazing opportunities and resources; be proactive and go for it! Wishing all new students the best of luck and a very warm welcome to King’s and the IoPPN family – good luck!

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