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Addison House Student in seminar room
Addison House

We’re welcoming May, but the weather sure doesn’t seem to know it yet! With exam time just around the corner, this month I thought I’d share with you my Top 5 favourite study spots at King’s as a Psychology student. King’s is full of lovely spots, from quiet study library zones, to social studying over a cup of coffee at the IoPPN canteen, it wasn’t an easy decision!


#1 Addison House Group Rooms, Guy’s Campus

If I had to pick my absolute favourite spot, it would have to be the group rooms at Addison House. King’s has a million great places, but it also has like a million students (probably less but who’s counting) so sometimes it can be difficult to squeeze into a spot at the library. Addison House is the one place on campus that truly belongs to the Psych students, which means more study desks for me! I love this spot because it is quite informal since there’s no noise or food and drink restrictions, but it is still quiet enough and has the facilities needed for a perfect study session. There is also a microwave and kettle in the breakout space outside the rooms so you can make a proper study day out of it and bring food. Above all, there’s always other Psychology students roaming around and studying there, which makes it the perfect place to ask questions if a doubt arises!

#2 Maughan Library

If you’re looking for #studyaesthetics then you’ve come to the right place. Maughan library is what you’d imagine studying in the Harry Potter world, or a really cool novel, would feel like. I love Maughan library because it’s the kind of place where you feel focus energy. You’re surrounded by people who are studying to the max, which is a super motivating feeling, and it’s also quite far from my usual campus, so making the trip there alone makes me want to make the most out of it! What’s great is that when you’re feeling like you need to take a break, you can always pick up one of the old books and see that someone checked it out last like a century ago, how cool is that!

#3 KCLSU Upper Loft, Bush House

Fancy a relaxed study space for a lazy weekend revision session? There’s no place more zen than the beautiful greenery at the KCLSU Upper Loft at Bush House. Equipped with bean bags and massive windows, it’s a great informal space to destress and study peacefully. I definitely recommend it as a reading spot, but might not be the best if you need to do some organised desk work.

#4 IoPPN Library, IoPPN Main Building

Away from the crowds and much more secluded, the IoPPN library is always a top choice when you need to get things done. The library at Denmark Hill tends to be a lot less stressful than the other libraries, could be because the tables are more spread out, or because PhD students have a zen energy around them. Regardless of the why, the IoPPN library has lots of useful Psychology resources you can turn to while studying, and it’s a great formal space for when you’re planning a serious alone revision day. Best of all, you’ve got the IoPPN Canteen next door and who doesn’t love their snacks!

#5 Group Study Rooms, New Hunts House Library, Guy’s Campus

Last but not least, these definitely had to make an appearance! Not too different from the study rooms at Addison House, the group study rooms at Guy’s library are also fully equipped for the perfect study session. I like this space because, even if I’m studying with friends, it’s still in a quiet area forcing me to focus a bit more since there’s more noise restrictions. There’s usually a computer, a desk with several chairs, and some of them even have AV plugins if you want to practice presentations. It’s also a great spot since most of the Psychology resources are available at this library!


So that’s my take on study spaces! Best of luck for this Exam season, and remember, if you need to take a stress-free break, Take Time Out ( has got your back!

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