For Wellbeing Month, IoPPN’s disability inclusion network (INDIGO) member, Annicka Ancliff,  writes about being part of a network and how it can have a positive effect on your wellbeing. You can find out more about the Race Equality Network  as well as Proudly King’s,  Elevate: King’s Gender Equality NetworkParents’ & Carers’ Network and Access King’s: Disability Inclusion Network on the Diversity & Inclusion webpages.  

There are 5 main Ways to Wellbeing: invest in relationships, to keep moving, never stop learning, give to others and savour the moment. Staff networks have been hugely beneficial to me by increasing my wellbeing through all of the above 5.  We spend more time with our work colleague than with any other group of people so it is important that you are passionate about the work you do and the people you work with.

IoPPN Wellbeing Walk

IoPPN’s Wellbeing Walk

I am a member of IoPPN’s disability inclusion network (INDIGO) and the Sustainability team for IoPPN main building (Bee-Team). I am hugely passionate about Sustainability and disability inclusion and the people involved in these networks are kind, supportive and knowledgeable, especially on these subjects. These networks, for example, not only have taught me a lot but because of this I have felt more involved in the King’s community, I have been more active due to the monthly wellbeing walks organised by the sustainability team, I have also fostered connections which is helpful personally and also for my work.

My manager has been hugely supportive of me taking on these extra roles, taking on extra responsibilities can increase your confidence. Since starting these networks I have run workshops and events. It allows you an opportunity to take a break from your daily work, in particular my job involves coordinating data and administrative work so discussing potential sustainability projects is a nice break and can allow me to think more creatively.

Not only have I learned a lot from these networks, such as paper napkins go in the general waste bin rather than the recycling bin but I have formed relationships within these that have not only improved my wellbeing but also has positively impacted on my work.