For ‘Baby’s Sake’ report published by The Stefanou Foundation

The Stefanou Foundation was established by philanthropist Stelio Stefanou with the aim of tackling the root causes of cycles of disadvantage and vulnerability affecting those without a voice.  Scientific evidence about the impact of domestic abuse and trauma on babies led the Foundation to create For Baby’s Sake as an innovative intervention to break the cycle of domestic abuse and give babies the best possible start in life.

The Foundation and researchers at Kings College, and including academics from University of Warwick, University of Central Lancashire, University of Cambridge and McMaster University, Canada have published this report that focuses on this work. The academic evaluation team have identified For Baby’s Sake as the first programme of its kind to ‘fill an important gap in provision’ through its ‘unique approach’, working with the whole family and starting in pregnancy.

You can access a summary of the report  here and the full report here.