Meet the team

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Programme ADVANCE (Advancing theory and treatment approaches for males in substance use treatment who perpetrate intimate partner violence) will generate evidence to develop and test the efficacy of an integrated intervention to reduce intimate partner violence by men attending substance use treatment and increase safety for their ex/current-partners and children.

Kings College London Research Team

ADVANCE is being led by Dr Gail Gilchrist, Senior Lecturer at King’s College London (KCL).  At KCL, the first phase of the research is being undertaken by Dr Polly Radcliffe (Research Fellow), Professor Sir John Strang (Head of Addictions Department), Fay Dennis (Research Assistant) and Juliet Henderson (Project Manager) (see photo).

University of Worcester Research Team

The Worcester team

At the University of Worcester, Professor Liz Gilchrist (Head of Department), Dr Danielle Stephens-Lewis (Research Fellow) and Amy Johnson (Research Assistant) are working on the first phase of the research and Dr Alyson Huntley is leading the systematic review at the University of Bristol.

We are currently reviewing the literature to inform the intervention development, and will be conducting interviews with men in substance use treatment and their ex/current-partners.

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