New Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) published by the Welsh Government focusing on holding domestic abuse perpetrators

Dr Cerys Miles (Welsh Government) and Dr Karen De Claire (Cardiff Metropolitan University) have published a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) which specifically supports the Welsh Government’s previous strategy to ‘increase focus on holding persons to account and providing opportunities to change their behaviour around victim safety’.

The REA highlights issues relevant in previous research which includes researcher bias, methodological design, limitations/challenges of validity and reliability of evidence from domestic abuse perpetrators in services. The REA authors do not provide clear support for the efficacy of any one approach to domestic abuse. Instead the authors identify interventions which are promising, they consider the implications for commissioners of services, academics and practitioners. The authors call for more focus on ongoing and independent robust evaluations of existing perpetrator services and to test innovative ‘trauma informed’ approaches to treatment. They also point to the importance of including substance misuse treatment for perpetrators when relevant.


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