Welcome to WaterWords

WaterWords is the blog of the Water Research Group at the Department of Geography,  King’s College London.  This dynamic group brings together extensive experience and expertise of 10 staff below, and a range of PhD and Masters students:

Tony AllanMichael ChadwickFrances CleaverNicholas CliffordRobert FrancisAlexander LoftusNaho MirumachiNathanial MatthewsMark MulliganDaanish Mustafa

We are an interdisciplinary group that works on the biophysical, political, socio-economic, developmental and institutional aspects of water resources and their management.  Our work is international, with ongoing projects in Tanzania, Brunei, the Mekong, the Andes and Amazon and the Middle East and elsewhere.  Many of us run and contribute to the research activities and events of the  London Water Research Group, a network of academics, professionals and activists engaged in water issues. Our research also informs our teaching to the MSc Aquatic Resources Management programme and MSc Water: Science and Governance programme offered at the department.

 In addition to the development of the concept of virtual (embedded) water, we have led the development of transboundary water politics analysis, water governance, aquatic resources and sophisticated spatial policy support systems for water resource and ecosystem service assessment.  Here we post on our work, outputs, events and interactions with water issues around the world.