King’s Water 2019 in Review

King’s Water Hub had a very productive year, with water related research and activities across the board! From river ecology to water justice, 2019 was a busy year here at King’s College London Geography and we are excited for 2020!

Our associated researchers published extensively, held workshops, convened seminars, increased collaborations and more.

Here’s a small snapshot of what we have been up to!

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Publication Highlights: 

Professor Tony Allan along with Anthony Colman and King’s Geography graduates Brendan Bromwich and Martin Keulertz published the OUP handbook on Food, Water, and Society, which highlights key issues of the food-water system

Majed Akhter analyzed the Indus Water Treaty through geopolitics and demonstrated that treaty negotiation archives are underused hydropolitical analysis and illuminate how “geopolitical imperatives shape strategies of treaty interpretation”

Mark Mulligan and collaborators published Nature on mapping the world’s free flowing rivers

Jane Catford and collaborators, including Richard Kingsford of the PLuS Alliance, highlighted the impact of human disturbances on soil depth and floodplains

Katie Meehan’s work with Shiloh Deitz on Plumbing Poverty and U.S. racial and geographic inequality had the 2nd highest altmetric for the Annals of the American Association of Geographers


Alex Loftus published with co-editor Farhana Sultana on water politics and the right to water

Robert Francis, Michael Chadwick, and Anna Turbelin highlighted their collaborative work on biodiversity in urban rivers and outlined priorities to assess the role of non-native species in urban river corridor recombinant communities

Image source: IUKWC report:

Emma Tebbs and collaborators a substantial report on soil moisture and pump priming for the India-UK Water Centre

Tamsin Edwards and collaborators published in Nature on shifting Antarctic ice sheet loss because of marine ice-cliff instability


PhD Research Highlights:

Constance Schere led a paper with her supervisory team Terry Dawson and Kate Schreckenberg on marine protected areas (MPAs) and the Irish Sea

Francesca Greco passed her viva on: “Groundwater irrigation and crop export in Italy’s arid zones: the paradox of virtual water ‘trade’ in current global crop markets”

Rebecca Farnum, recent King’s Geography graduate, published a chapter in Water, Creativity and Meaning, edited by Liz Roberts and Katherine Phillips on her work on “the hydrosocial spiral”

Nathalie Richards completed her thesis and authored a paper based on her research on Water Users Associations in Tanzania

Veronica Horvath joined King’s Geography as Naho Mirumachi’s PhD supervisee in water governance. Dr. Mirumachi served on Veronica’s master’s committee through collaboration with Dr. Dave White at Arizona State University and the PLuS Alliance.

Visiting PhD scholar Isabela Espindola Battistello presented at the World Youth Forum on transboundary water issues in La Plata River Basin

Visiting PhD researcher Viviene Deb returned this fall to London and King’s to continue collaboration with Mark Mulligan

Our master’s programs hosted another successful graduation earlier in January and we are recruiting NOW for a new 2020-2021 cohort of students!


Engagements Spotlight:

Our collaborative study abroad course in the Okavango Delta, led by Mike Chadwick and Jane Catford in association with the PLuS Alliance was awarded the “Innovative Experience Award” by Arizona State University. UNSW Sydney’s Richard Kingsford, Neil Jordan, and Keith Leggett also lead the course with Arizona State University’s Dave White and Claire McWilliams.

Naho Mirumachi co-organized the 10th Hydro-hegemony conference in the Hague, Netherlands, which brought together young scholars and seasoned researchers from all over the globe. Read more IHE-Delft’s summary from the organizers.


 Daanish Mustafa presented in October at Chatham House’s annual conference on urgent water and political issues.