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Reduce Waste Week – #MakeADifference

The King’s Sustainability team is encouraging everyone to think about how you can reduce waste, recycle and be more creative through re-using to #MakeADifference.

They’ve got some great events and challenges happening this week including ‘Find A Fountain’, the ‘Zero-Waste Day Challenge’ and ‘Disco Soup’, so check out the schedule for full details.



Is your residence in the lead?

Hello KCL Resident,

We’re halfway through this year’s Student Switch Off competition, here’s an update on who’s winning so far…

Remind me – what’s Student Switch Off?

Student Switch Off is an energy-saving and recycling competition between all the halls of residence at King’s College London. The aim is to get you thinking about the environment and how small changes to your behaviour really can make a big difference. The hall that gets most involved in the campaign throughout year will win a big delivery of Ben & Jerry’s to say a big thank you. In addition, the block at Champion Hill that tops our leaderboard will be rewarded with Ben & Jerry’s. Plus, there are loads of prizes on offer just for you including tubs of Ben & Jerry’s and NUS extra cards which you can win every two weeks in our Facebook and Instagram (#kclsso) competitions!

How’s my residence doing so far?  

The halfway leaderboard has just been released showing which hall is currently winning, check it out in full here. The Champion Hill leaderboard can also be viewed here. Things can all still change though so make sure to get involved in the photo competitions, sign up here, take part in the Climate Change Quiz, look out for information on our upcoming ambassador training sessions, recycle and save as much energy as you can to get your hall to the top!

I want to help so what can I do?

Everyone can do their bit for the environment, and a great place to start is thinking about energy use. From there you could find out more about other environmental behaviours (like sustainable transport and food to name a few) but it’s a good starting point that everyone can get involved with. Halls of residence are very energy hungry, so any energy-saving you can make will automatically make a difference. Here’s some really easy things you can do today to save energy – switch off lights and appliances when not in use, put a lid on pans when cooking (this saves time too!), recycle as much as you can, save water, layer up instead of turning the heating up and don’t overfill the kettle, but there are loads of other ways to save energy too.

To find out more, you can sign up to our mailing list (and receive environmental top tips every few weeks!), like our Facebook page or check out our website.

Thanks everyone and keep up the energy saving!

 Zoe & the Student Switch Off Team

PS if you have any questions about the campaign or want to get more involved in any way, please email



Student Switch Off Challenge – Climate Change Quiz

Take the Climate Change Quiz for the chance to win 100 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s for your residence:

The four halls from across the UK that get the highest % of their residents completing the quiz win the 100 tubs and even if your residence doesn’t win, you will still go into the draw to win a litre of Ben & Jerry’s for yourself!

You have until Wednesday 22 November to take part so click to take the quiz

Once you’ve completed share and encourage others in your residences to take it too!

Remind me – what’s Student Switch Off?
Student Switch Off is the energy-saving and recycling competition on campus to reduce energy waste in halls. The hall that saves the most energy and recycles the best by the end of this year will win a big delivery of Ben & Jerry’s for everyone in the winning halls!

To find out how you can get involved like our facebook page and website .



A warm welcome from the Sustainability Team at King’s

The Sustainability Team at King’s works to reduce our carbon footprint, extending our recycling provision and pushing for sustainable education and careers.

One of our most important roles, and what we enjoy most, is to engage students in the exciting global conversation about sustainability. As well as sharing tips on how to reduce your impact on the planet, we also encourage discussion on pressing sustainability issues. We often come together over tea and nibbles to discuss eclectic subjects ranging from aquaponics to energy security in the EU.

The 3rd of October will see the inaugural launch of Sustainability Week in halls which will feature a series of sustainability-themed events and the launch of the energy saving campaign Student Switch-Off. Prizes include Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and NUS Extra Cards. Save some energy, win some ice-cream – what’s not to like?

King’s Student groups such as EcoSoc, Fossil Free and Enactus also host events, put on socials and run campaigns throughout the year. Check out their websites and get involved!

Now it’s time for our top sustainability tips:

London is a super city to explore by bike. Cycling is cheaper, will get you from A to B a lot quicker and will also keep you fit.

Food and drink
Eating less meat, hitting up your local farmers market and buying organic are all super ways to reduce your environmental impact.

Switching off appliances that you are not using is a no brainer for the planet and will reduce the College’s bills.

(Thrift) Shopping
London charity shops and your local freecycling group are treasure troves of pre-loved stuff.

Occasionally we miss stuff, so please report any egregious non-environmentally friendly things (e.g. dripping taps, left on lights) you see on campus or in halls to

You can get in touch with us by emailing and also through Facebook or Twitter. Keep up with the latest updates by reading our blog and subscribe to our mailing list by clicking here.

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