Living in London = Living your best life!


Moving away from home is a completely new experience and something that most people find quite daunting, and that’s ok, but remember that you have SO much to look forward to living in London. Let’s start focusing on the positives by picturing your life in your new home because in London, you have pretty much everything on your doorstep and as a student, there isn’t much else that you could want or ask for!


When I first moved here, I didn’t quite know what to expect and thought that I would feel like a little fish in a big pond but as soon as I arrived, I couldn’t believe how amazing it was and how quickly I settled in! Here are just some of the best things you can expect to experience whilst living in London:


  1. A buzzing atmosphere

Wherever your King’s Residence is located, one guarantee is that you’ll be surrounded by a great community. London has lots of exciting and interesting things happening that you can join in with. It just has a quirky and unique vibe – perfect if you’re the alternative type and if not, it will open your eyes to lots of fun stuff.


One of my favourite things about living in the UK’s capital city is that there are so many things that you can only find in London – restaurants, gyms, nightclubs, shops, festivals – that you just won’t experience anywhere else. It’s like being in the biggest (but best) exclusive club out there!


  1. Having LOTS to do

When most people think about London, they think about the tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, National History Museum so, imagine having all of these (and more) on your doorstep, and most of them don’t even cost a penny! The UK’s capital is famous for this stuff and you have 3 years to spend exploring; I can promise you that you won’t be getting bored anytime soon! Not only that, but you can make your way around theatres in the West End, world famous shopping centres in Central London and stunning parks in surrounding boroughs. Whatever your personal interests and hobbies are, London will have something to suit you. I absolutely love music and managed to go to 5 gigs in my first year, purely because artists are always touring in London and there are always last-minute events that you can pop along to.


  1. Being well connected

Not only do you have 5 different airports in London but you have trains and buses that all make getting around the city super easy. For those of you who haven’t been to London before, the Underground, also known as the tube, will become your best friend! Underground stations are located all over London and these trains are the easiest (and quickest) way to get around, and with the help of an Oyster card, you’ll get 30% off your travel. You’ll probably need to keep a tube map handy in your first few weeks to save you from getting lost.


Other than trains, you can use buses that run all over central London and the London boroughs. To make life that little bit easier, you can pay for buses using cash, contactless cards or again, an Oyster card. As you wander around London, you’ll see bikes that are available to hire and if you haven’t been able to bring your bike from home, this is the perfect way to get back on the road!


  1. Living in a multicultural society

London is easily one of the most diverse places in the world, so expect to meet lots of people from different countries, backgrounds, races and religions. If home isn’t that diverse and multicultural, make the most of this opportunity to meet a variety of people. Whether that means trying new cuisines, learning another language or just finding out more about someone else’s culture, living in London presents you with plenty of chances to do exactly that.


  1. A diverse food scene
    If you’re a foodie, you’re moving to the right place! London has literally EVERY cuisine imaginable, so you won’t miss the authentic food from home if you’re coming from overseas. London also has incredible street food, cute cafés and coffee shops, vegan restaurants and let’s not forget the huge amount of brunch and afternoon tea spots either. Living here will open your eyes to lots of amazing food that you haven’t tried before – or maybe even heard of!


You might find your new favourite eatery just around the corner from your King’s Residence but once you’ve found your feet, go explore other areas of London to find the BEST places. Not everywhere has to break the bank either, lots of places are affordable and taste incredible.


  1. Endless job opportunities

Applying for jobs might not be your top priority when you think about moving to London but you might need a part-time job alongside your studies to just give you a financial helping hand – and in London, you have endless opportunities. You could end up working in your King’s Residence, at the university, in Westfield, or your new favourite coffee spot. If you have an idea about the career you want to go into, you could find your dream internship or placement in this city. Thousands of companies are based in London making it that little bit easier to get your foot in the door during or after university!


  1. A lively nightlife

How many good nights out have you had in your lifetime? Well, I can guarantee you that a night out in London will be on a whole other level! The great thing about London’s nightlife is that you don’t have to drink alcohol to enjoy yourself. There really is something for everyone too, so whatever your music taste or scene, you’re likely to find your favourite go-to spot in no time whether that’s at a nightclub, bar or an activity like crazy golf or an escape room.

My favourite way to describe London’s nightlife is individual; it really is one of a kind. And doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think either!


  1. You’re never too far away

Central London is pretty big and when you take all of London’s boroughs into consideration, it’s huge! This means there is always something going on that you’re never too far away from. Like I mentioned earlier, London has great transport links meaning you could be in the countryside or at the beach within 30 minutes because of where London is located in the UK. As a whole, the UK isn’t actually that big either, meaning that you have the chance to visit other cities on weekends or days off university by jumping on a train, coach or even plane.


I hope you that shows you just how lucky you are to be moving to such an amazing city that has this much exciting things to offer you. What will you explore first? Time to put your bucket list together!


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    Your article about London is great. On of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world.

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