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Hello and welcome to another Grace’s Good News. It may be a month since the last good news article, but England’s weather has decided to stay stuck in March. I’m currently writing this from my garden in a break from the rain.



  1. For a second, it looked like it was coming home!!!

England fans were revelling in the men’s team making it to the Euros final for the first time since 1996. It’s worth noting the women’s team last made it in 2009… After the match, Mason Mount gave a young fan his t-shirt. She claims she won’t ‘wash or sell’ her t-shirt given to her by Mount himself – much like how I treat my ‘blanky’ (yes I’m 23 and still sleep with a blanky…).




  1. Where’s Wally?

Turns out Wally is a walrus causing havoc in the Isles of Scilly. This may sound cute at first to have a resident walrus, but actually Wally is causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to his environment, so the residents aren’t too pleased with him. Poor Wally…



  1. Innovation at it’s best!

Joe Bentley is a student at Loughborough university who has invented a life-saving stab wound device. To me it’s kind of like a tampon gun… But much more scientific obviously.



  1. Don’t let your lowest moment define you.

Sam Schmidt was paralysed from the shoulders down in a racing accident in 2000 and has made his debut in Goodwood festival as a quadriplegic.


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