Post contributed by Senior CF Grace

Congratulations you officially made it through exam season in a pandemic! Exam season is rough enough under normal circumstances, so myself and the ResiLife team want to say a humongous well done and we are proud of you for making it through this year. As always, we will remain available for any help you need over the next coming months. Please get in touch by joining the ResiLife team HERE.

  1. Successful vaccination program (
  • All people in the top priority groups have now been offered the COVID-19 vaccination.
  • And now, people in their 20s are getting their vaccines which is excellent news. Keep an eye out for pop-up vaccination hubs where you can get yours on the same day for free! I myself am grateful to have had both vaccines due to my work in the NHS and am hugely pro-vaccination.
  • Furthermore, the US and UK have now pledged a billion vaccines for the developing world so tentatively we can say things are looking safer for everyone.

  1. Whale-y good news (
  • Lobster diver survived being eaten alive by a humpback whale, which is excellent news if you think about it… bit random though…
  • Michael Packard survived 30 seconds in the stomach of the whale before the whale decided to spit him back out again, and he lived to tell the tale with nothing more than some bruises on his legs from the whale’s mouth!

  1. What a good catch! (
  • Continuing the niche lobster theme… Rare calico lobsters were found in a restaurant in Virginia and were saved before anyone shoved them down their gobs.
  • These rare and endangered lobsters were nearly dinner, but someone spotted the unique colourings, like freckles, and notified the owner.
  • These lobsters were then sent safely to a safe exhibit and are now living happily in their care!

  1. England just won their first Euro game against Croatia! (
  • For any England fans amongst us, this is definitely good news. Bad news for other teams though sorry…
  • Source (Freya Holdaway – my boss) says that this is the first time England have ever won an opening game in the Euros.