Hi, me again, bringing to you another slice of sunshine on a rainy day – in the form of good news. This past year has been rough for everyone, but we made it! Congratulations everybody! I don’t think any of us thought we would get to this point, but somehow we’ve done it and the future is looking bright. As always, we at ResiLife are here to support you and if you need to get in touch please follow us on @kingsresilife or join our events on Microsoft Teams by clicking HERE.


  1. The end is in sight!!!!!!

As the weather changes, so do the lockdown restrictions as we can finally meet 6 friends outside from the 29th March 2021. Get your sunnies and cap out because you WILL be sat in the park with 6 others, totally legally, and living your best lives. Lockdown will soon be a distant memory and a thing of the past.

  1. South London Comprehensive gets more Oxbridge offers than Eton for the first time.

It is really positive to see an engrained trend change and that Oxbridge is becoming more accessible to those individuals who wish to pursue this education avenue. Nicola Woolcock (Education Editor from The Times) powerfully states ‘One school has a strict uniform policy, exceptionally high expectations, famous people desperate to get their children a place and record numbers of Oxbridge offers. The other is Eton’.



  1. The Grammy’s defied odds and went ahead!

The Grammy’s have been running annual since 1958 and have never been cancelled. Despite being postponed initially, they went ahead. Not even Miss Corona can stop the Grammy’s! A moment of silence for the icon that is Lizzo (pictured above left) and another outstanding look was worn by Chika who wore a matching face mask and custom made pastel-toned Nike athleisure suit (above right).