Post contributed by Senior CF Grace

We are now a decent amount of time into 2021 and things are still very ‘pandemic-y’. Most of us are feeling tired and fed up – understandably so as we approach the anniversary of the beginning of this utter shambles. With this in mind, it is my pleasure to bring you some good news and a gentle reminder that despite what it feels like, the world isn’t ending (not yet anyway).

  1. Touchdown on Mars!!!

A new rover has landed on Mars after a 292 million mile journey from Earth. The rover, named Perseverance, has been sent to Mars to look for evidence of past life. This will be done by drilling into the terrain where there has been water because scientists believe life may also have existed around here.

(BBC news)

  1. One really good doggo!

Max is a therapy dog who looks after his owner Kerry. He has been awarded an Order of Merit for Outstanding devotion for saving his owners’ life. Go Max!


  1. Dogs really ARE a man’s best friend…

Dogs are now being trained to sniff out prostate cancer. I have no idea the science behind this, but this could be a very successful and non-invasive way to detect prostate cancer!


  1. I’m a social vegan, I avoid meet.

This years Veganuary has broken records with over half a million people signing up to take part. Supermarkets are also stocking more vegetarian and vegan products than ever before. Good news for the environment! If you want to find out more about sustainability, join our ResiLife Sustainable Living Community events – check out the calendar for more details!


As always, the ResiLife team are here for you. You are NOT alone and hopefully we will be out the other side of this nightmare soon enough. Tune in to our events if you’d like to see a friendly face, meet some new people, or just entertain yourself for the evening – we have events for everyone!