Post contributed by CF Jacky


I’m Jacky, your CF, and I would like to share some tips on how to make most out of uni during these hard times.

Whether you are at home or in London I think it’s important to feel part of the KCL community, and the best way is to join societies where you can meet people with your same interests and make new friends.

I enjoy playing videogames and I’ve been a member of the KCLGE ( kcl gaming and esports) where I met lots of new friends playing my favorite games. I like Dota 2, CSGO and many others and thanks to this society I found a community of gamers that enjoyed gaming as much as me and were students just like me.

If you love gaming this is the right society, but if you don’t… feel free to visit and have a look at which society you would want to join in this second semester.

Hope you had a fantastic winter break, and good luck this upcoming semester 😊