This week we start our Societies in Residences series. Brought to you by King’s Wellbeing and KCLSU, the Societies in Residences series showcases five of the most popular societies at King’s College London. All sessions are free and open to all residents, no matter where you live!

Find the sessions here. 


BhangraSoc(1)‘The winner of Best New Activity group 2015/2016 and the society with the runner up for President of the year 2015/2016 is looking to be bigger and better in 2016/2017.

KCL Bhangra Soc teach student members of the society about Bhangra. Our classes are run for all levels of experience and are free for our members!

Loose clothing and plenty of water are advised when coming down to a session, check us out!’

31 January | Great Dover Street Apartments Common Room |
31 January | Moonraker Point Study Room | 8pm


Fitness Feat

Fitnessfeat‘We are a community of Fitness inspired students, here to support you achieve your Health goals – ALL physical, mental and social: We run weekly activity sessions and separate events that include: HIIT (High intensity interval training), Circuit training, Pads/sparring, Yoga, Dance workouts, City running, sport-specific drills and much more. Seminars on health, nutrition, motivation, meditation and mental well-being.’

31 January | Champion Hill Common Room | 6:30pm



Thinkmental3‘The ThinkMental Society is a proactive society dedicated to both lifting the stigma that surrounds mental health conditions as well as engaging all students to further understand mental health, the importance of a healthy mind and finally, to raise awareness (both within King’s College London and the wider community) so that the subject is more widely acknowledged.’


7 February | Wolfson House Common Room  | 6:30pm 

Meditation Society

‘We are a society that aims to promote the practice of mindfulness meditation. The society is open to everyone with an interest in meditation. We will be hosting meditation workshops, guided meditation sessions and meditation based lectures.’

7 February | Great Dover Street Apartments Common Room |  6:30pm


sexpression‘KCL Sexpression is a branch of a national network of students from universities across the country that is passionate about implementing comprehensive relationships and sex education in schools. We work mostly with schools in Lambeth and Southwark – boroughs that have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in England.

Our base of highly trained and experienced members provide basic teaching about issues including, but not limited to, sexual health, the practicalities of sex, relationships and self esteem.’

16 February | Great Dover Street Apartments Common Room | 7:45pm