NetBeans / BlueJ Edition: Webcast and Article

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A while ago, I wrote about the new NetBeans IDE / BlueJ Edition. Well, no piece of software can stand on alone on its own – it also needs support from documentation, background information, tutorials, and ideally a user community to really take off.
Sun have now released two more pieces in this puzzle: A very nice article and a webcast on the Sun Developer Network.

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NetBeans IDE / BlueJ Edition — it’s here


The NetBeans IDE / BlueJ Edition, which I wrote about in an earlier post, has now been officially released. You can download it from the NetBeans web site.

This environment gives you a great option for your second IDE, once BlueJ becomes too small for you and you’re ready for the serious stuff.

Once you’re in NetBeans, try out Matisse, the new NetBeans GUI builder. It’s nice. Believe me, worth a look.