NetBeans / BlueJ Edition: Webcast and Article

webcast image

A while ago, I wrote about the new NetBeans IDE / BlueJ Edition. Well, no piece of software can stand on alone on its own – it also needs support from documentation, background information, tutorials, and ideally a user community to really take off.
Sun have now released two more pieces in this puzzle: A very nice article and a webcast on the Sun Developer Network.

The first bit of useful information comes from Dana Nourie, a Technical Writer for Sun Microsystems, who has written many useful and well researched articles in the past. In her latest contribution to Sun’s ‘Developer Technical Articles’ she writes extensively and clearly about BlueJ, NetBeans, and the NetBeans/BlueJ edition. If you want to find out what this is all about and how to use it, this is now probably the best introduction available.

The second useful link is the latest Sun Developer Network Channel webcast. This has a short video giving you the buzzword-compliant ‘executive overview’ perspective (a bit of marketing has never hurt anyone, has it?), but maybe more importantly, lists a good selection of links to all sorts of useful related resources in it’s ‘Show Notes’ section on the web page.

But be quick – the webcast will disappear from the page some time in the future. A permalink to the video is here, but the ‘Show Notes’, I believe, will disappear once this story falls off the front page.