5 reasons why I love Software Engineering

By Azky, MSc Software Engineering

There are many reasons why I love the field of software engineering, but here are my top five points:


1. Real-world application

Software Engineering at its core defines the process and methodologies that are used to build the systems and application software that powers the world. This essentially forms the building blocks that are used in numerous branches of computer science, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It’s therefore a fundamental component in the enrichment of the world of technology, and where applied precisely, yields robust reliable software. I am passionate about working and contributing to the betterment and enhancement of technology.


2. Engaging challenges 

One of the main applicable skills in software engineering is problem-solving. I have always been passionate about solving complex problems using numerical, logical, and mathematical approaches. Software engineering applies these approaches to solve complex problems in a more simplified strategic way. Being able to think in parallel, breaking down tasks into digestible elements, and designing and implementing future-proof solutions that are efficient with minimal maintenance is an aspect that I love about this field.


3. A range of opportunities 

Software engineering and coding capabilities open lucrative career opportunities that pay the top of the market range. As the world relies more on technology for advancement, and as automation takes a stronghold, it is projected that there will not be enough software engineers to meet the demand. Thus, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to develop your career!


4. Being part of a team

I have always enjoyed working as part of a team, and being able to do so is one of the most important skills to have in the software engineering industry. Although there’s a stereotype that most software engineers work alone, this is often not true as most engineers work in large teams (sometimes in the hundreds!) to build complex software. To be able to safely communicate, synchronise on goals as well as implementing intellectual solutions are skills that are highly sought after and this is where my skills fit in perfectly.



5. A love for learning

I enjoy that software engineering offers continuous learning opportunities, as it is a field that is constantly moving. Software engineers are required to learn new programming languages and technologies and adapt to the continually changing environment. This is something that I particularly enjoy: constant learning and improvement. Alongside learning about technology, we often have the opportunity to develop knowledge about the business and sector they we are working in.


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