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Hi there! I know that being a student at this time with the current cost-of-living crisis can be really difficult. There can be a lot of anxiety regarding how you might manage at university. At King’s College London, we are committed to supporting you through this and you’re not alone in this journey.  

Whether you’re facing unexpected hardships or just need a little extra help to get by, KCL has got your back with a range of financial aid options. 

What funding is available? 

King’s Living Bursary:  

This bursary is specifically for home fee students with a household income of £42,975 or less. This bursary aims to alleviate the day-to-day financial pressures of university life. The level of bursary you receive depends on your household income. You don’t need to apply for this bursary as eligible students will be automatically contacted by the King’s College Funding Team. 

King’s Student Fund 

Students receiving the King’s Living Bursary may also be eligible for the King’s Student Fund to provide further support. If you experience a sudden financial hardship or change in circumstances, you can apply for this fund to help pay your rent, bills or travel. King’s Student Fund is open to Home Students and you can receive up to £3,500.  

King’s Hardship Fund: If you’re not receiving the King’s Living Bursary then this one’s for you. This fund is open to all home-fee students, including undergraduates, postgraduates, and those on an NHS funded year. Similarly to the King’s Student Fund, if you experience a sudden financial hardship or change in circumstances, you can apply for this. Make sure to get in touch and apply for this as soon as possible. If you’re successful, you could receive up to £3,500. 

International Hardship Fund:  

What about international students? This fund is available for any international or EU students experiencing financial hardship. You could receive up to £6,000 to support your finances. Note that to apply for this fund, students must have made provision for their studies but have experienced an unforeseen change of circumstances.  

 Kings Medical and Dental Fund: 

The King’s Medical and Dental Fund provides financial support for undergraduate students in need of financial support who are Home, EU or international and on a Medical or Dental programme. If successful, you could receive anywhere from £250 to £5,000.  

MBBS Conference Scheme:  

Presenting any research you have undertaken is a great way to boost your portfolio. The drawback is that conferences are expensive. The MBBS Conference Scheme provides funding for medical students who wish to present their research at a conference. Students can receive funding ranging from £150 (for online conferences), to up to £1,300 (for worldwide conferences). Funding can be used to cover registration, travel and/or accommodation. Make sure to check the eligibility criteria on Keats before applying. 

Broadening Horizons Award: 

This funding opportunity is aimed at increasing the number of ‘widening participation students’ who can access mobility opportunities. Mobility opportunities can include term-time study abroad, work placements, summer exchange programmes and elective experiences all over the world. Applicants must be home-fee-paying undergraduate students who meet at least one of the eligibility criteria and who are completing an eligible activity. Click on the link for more information about the eligibility criteria.  

External Opportunities: 

Beyond the internal support here at King’s, there are also many external funding opportunities available. These cover everything from general financial support to specific placement funding or education grants.  

Have a look at the funding hub on Blackbullion which has a list of several funding options for your course, just a click away! Scholarship hub is also a great rescource for checking for external opportunities.   

Remember, you’re not alone 

At King’s College London, we believe that financial barriers should not prevent anyone from achieving their goals. The links below explain funding in more detail. As always, King’s Money and Housing team is available for support and further advice if needed.  

What loans, grants or scholarships can I get from King’s? 

I’m having money difficulties, where can I find support? 

Hardship Funds 

I’m an International student, what financial support can I access? 

What are the fees and funding options available for undergraduate study? 

What funding is available for students on a work placement? 

What education grants are available to help me? 

What funding is available for postgraduate studies? 

What funding opportunities are available to me? 

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Money Mentors or the Specialist Advisors in the Money & Housing Advice team.

Aanchal Raina
King’s Student Money Mentor
Part of Money & Housing Advice

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