Introducing the King’s Student Money Mentors 2023/24!

Do you have any questions about money management during your time at university? Would you like to speak to another student about your budgeting concerns? If so, the Money Mentors are here for you! We are current trained students at King’s with a particular interest in being money savvy, and we hope to support our fellow students with all sorts of money-related matters. If you’re unsure of how to create a realistic budget, would like to explore various ways of saving money, and keep yourself safe from scams throughout the year, our Student Money Mentors would always be happy to support you. We will introduce our wonderful Money Mentor team below, which consists of students from a huge variety of different backgrounds and courses.

Tasniya Aktar 

Hi, I’m Tasniya and I’m a third-year medical student. Being a Money Mentor is great as it means I get to help students manage their money better, which then leads to them having a better student experience! I only joined the team in 2022 but I’m already enjoying the variety of tasks and flexibility that comes with the role. I’m really looking forward to meeting new students, especially in-person, and creating online content through blogs and social media posts in the upcoming year. 

Asmae Ait Abdallah 

Hi, I am Asmae! I am a third-year Neuroscience student and I have recently joined the Money Mentoring team, and I could not be more thrilled. I have a deep interest in financial literacy and its importance in education, which eases me into this role quite nicely. I have met many existing Money Mentors oozing with passion and ambition, and I cannot wait to collaborate with them to create great and useful content to share with our peers. I look forward to meeting students in our future events. 

Aanchal Raina 

Hi, I’m Aanchal and I’m a third-year medical student. I joined the team over a year ago, and I’m really excited for the upcoming year, where I can meet new students and hopefully pass on some money-saving tips and general advice about settling in! In particular, I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces at our campaigns!

Ilinca Olteanu 

Hi guys! I’m Ilinca, a third-year Economics and Management student and I have been a Student Money Mentor since February 2022. I joined the team to increase my financial awareness, as well as to help fellow students looking for guidance. I am the Head of the Social Media Team, and I actively manage our social media platforms and create content. Can’t wait to see what the upcoming year at King’s brings us!

Shivam Chotai 

Hi everyone, I’m Shivam Chotai and I’m a final-year medical student. I initially joined the Money Mentors team so I could help other students with their financial life, and to experience having a job whilst at university. I’ve recently become the head of the blogs team after writing several blog posts for the Money Mentors, and have been involved in the previous campaign and several budgeting-focused events. This year I will be looking forward to continuing the development in my role and participating in more of our fantastic campaigns.

Amber Naeem

Hi my name is Amber and I’m currently a third-year medical student. I joined the Money Mentors team a year ago, and over that time, I’ve been able to interact with new students, help organise in-person campaigns, create fun social media posts and share financial guidance with peers. More recently, I’ve become a permanent member of the social media team and the lead for Blackbullion, which I hope to promote even more throughout the next year!

Ami Jemide

Hello! My name is Ami Jemide. I’m a second-year law student. I’m Nigerian-British and I love meeting new people and exploring different cultures (travelling and I are best friends really). I’m interested in skincare and selfcare as well as sustainability. I became a Money Mentor because I want to help people understand how to cultivate a healthy, sustainable relationship with money. It’s something I’ve just learnt and I think would be great to pass on to other people as well 🙂

Anmoyul Mohon

Hi I’m Anmoyul Mohon , I am currently a fourth-year student in MSci pharmacology so you might see me around ( if I’m not busy studying at the library!) . I’m French but ethnically Bengali and I’m delighted to have joined the Money Mentor team last year. I’ve been involved in various tasks, from workshops to blog-writing and on-campus stall events. I find the team’s work genuinely interesting and helpful, especially when it comes to saving money, particularly as a newcomer to the UK. I’m looking forward to writing more blogs to share my personal experience and tips that I wish I knew when I moved to London.

Where can students speak to or connect with the Money Mentors?  

Students can reach out to Money Mentors on Instagram and ask any money-related questions they may have! You can also take a look at our Money Mentors blog for some tips on managing your money and staying (financially) safe during your time at university. However, if you need specialist advice tailored to any complex financial situation or have serious concerns that require urgent help, please contact the Money & Housing Advice Service where you can speak to a Specialist Money & Housing Adviser.  

Can students apply to become a Money Mentor? 

Yes! We are planning on recruiting more Money Mentors. If you are interested in getting involved, please keep an eye on our Instagram, as we will be advertising our recruitment opportunities there.  

Whether you’re interested in speaking to another Money Mentor or are hoping to become a Money Mentor yourself, we hope this blog post gives you a better idea of who we are and what we do alongside our specialist advisers. Student Servies also has a page on Money Mentors, should you be interested in learning more about us! Finally, if you have any concerns about financial wellbeing or wish to know more about what we do, again, please do not hesitate to contact us on Instagram!  

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