When service-mindedness meets fitness – The Circle Challenge!

On this week’s guest blog we are chatting with Simon Idio, a man on a mission to make a difference to homelessness in London. Service-mindedness and caring for the community are some of King’s most core values – and as a member of King’s community, you too can join to help make a difference!

Simon jumping against backdrop of garden and trees

What is the Circle Challenge?

“The Circle Challenge has asked people to exercise the 21.2 miles, or 44,774 steps, length of the Circle Line to support homeless Londoners through the pandemic and beyond. The funds raised are going to SHP’s Coronavirus Emergency Appeal to help keep vulnerable people safe amidst the pandemic. The money will cover the costs of emergency measures such as providing isolation rooms in hostels and protective clothing for staff as they continue to provide a service in difficult conditions. The challenge encourages people to walk, run, jump or even dance the distance in their homes or outdoors. It was designed to allow participants to keep fit, boost wellbeing and raise money while observing social distancing measures.”


Why have you done the challenge?

“I exercise in my garden normally and like to keep fit. My fitness has always been important for my productivity and mental health. During lockdown I knew it was more important than ever to keep exercising. I knew I wanted to do it throughout the day. Taking on the challenge motivated me and helped me establish a disciplined exercise routine that I was keen to do anyway”


Taking part in projects that build your community are great ways to make a difference. Did you know that service-mindedness also demonstrates your employability? You’ll develop and demonstrate attributes like social awareness,  persevearance and ability to take initiative. 


How did you prepare for the challenge?

“Participants are equipped with their own kitbag which consists of a pedometer, flyer, an SHP T-shirt and lastly a sheet to record your progress. These bags are personally delivered to each individual’s doorstep by a staff member. Once I had the kit, the only think I had left to do was to attach the pedometer and go!”


Logo of SHP

If you would like to support Simon and other Single Homeless Project (SHP) clients taking on the Circle Challenge, you can donate here.

If you would like to take part in the challenge yourself, visit their event page to sign up.

You can also check out Simon and SHP’s Head of Fundraising Agata speaking about the challenge on Sky News.

Single Homeless Project (SHP) is a London-wide charity working to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable and socially excluded people to transform their lives. From supporting people in crisis to helping people take the final steps towards independence and employment, we make a difference to 8,000 lives every year.