Student Experiences: From our 2022/23 Inclusive Careers Education Ambassadors

King’s Careers & Employability is currently hiring seven Inclusive Careers Education Ambassadors for the 2023 to 2024 Inclusive Careers Education Ambassador programme.

It all started in 2021 when ten students in the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences (NMES) were recruited to be Inclusive Careers Education Ambassadors (ICEAs). The aim of this programme was to co-create careers education for NMES students which draws from an understanding of lived experiences of marginalisation such as ethnicity, disability and gender. Many students from underrepresented backgrounds face discrimination while navigating their career journey. This can be discouraging, and at worst prevents students from developing their employability and becoming successful and fulfilled. The ICEAs help to combat this issue through the programme they co-create and deliver.  

There are ten ICEAs in the programme from different departments and degrees within the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences (NMES). The ICEAs are paid to co-create and deliver events and workshops for students during the Autumn term and create resources for the NMES Careers KEATS page. The ICEAs created and delivered many different activities for their peers during the Autumn term in 2022 and January 2023. Below is a timeline of what the ambassador role consists of and an overview showing some of the main activities the ICEAs co-created.  

In addition to events and workshops, ICEAs also worked on other activities and projects. There is an opportunity to work on marketing or editing the NMES Careers KEATS page and other King’s Careers resources. Additionally, five ICEAs participated in the ‘See It to Be It’ project which was originally created in the School of Bioscience at King’s. The ICEAs interviewed King’s alumni from the NMES faculty from underrepresented backgrounds about their careers and career journeys to provide students with insights into careers and employability and inspire them to pursue their career goals. There is a wide range of what you can do as an ICEA, which makes every year of the programme unique. 

Below are reflections from two ICEAs on their roles this year.  

Naiyira’ experience as an ICEA 

“My highlight this year was The See it to Be It interview I did with Lienkie. Lienkie spoke about her career experiences as a disabled person, and it was fascinating hearing about her experiences. As a disabled person myself I don’t see enough disability representation, often not even in D&I initiatives. It is so important to see such empowering role models speak about their experiences.” 

Anchalee’s experience as an ICEA 

“My experience as an Inclusive Careers Education Ambassador has been very insightful and overall, a great learning experience. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to co-create the inclusive careers education programmes and enhance my relationship with professionals from various industries, working closely with members of the Careers team, fellow students and alumni through collaboration during the project.”

Applications for Inclusive Careers Education Ambassadors for the 2023 to 2024 Inclusive Careers Education Ambassador Programme is now open! 

If you want to gain valuable skills and work as part of a team to make a difference helping your fellow students follow their career paths, this opportunity is for you. 

The Inclusive Careers Education Ambassador roles are for students or recent graduates in the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences: Chemistry, Mathematics, Informatics, Engineering and Physics. There are seven roles available for Inclusive Careers Education Ambassador positions. ICEAs work between June 2023 and January 2024 for a total of 50 hours each across these six months at approximately £15.59 per hour. More information about the Inclusive Careers Education Ambassador roles can be found on the NMES Careers KEATS page. Students apply to this role through King’s Talent Bank. 

The closing date for applications for these roles is April 2nd at 22:00 BST.