Science and Engineering scholarship with UKNEST!

Are you an undergraduate STEM student? Looking for a year-in-industry scholarship opportunity? You’re in for a treat! Applications for the 2020 Engineering & Science Scholarships are now open.

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The United Kingdom Naval Engineering Science & Technology (UKNEST) is looking to offer twelve Undergraduate Scholarships, with a financial grant, mentoring opportunity with a UKNEST organization, networking opportunities and the potential for further work placements.

The Scholarship is open for students who are studying any STEM subject degree in a UK university or college. The closing date to apply is 30 September 2020 – so you have plenty of time to work on your application!

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What’s in it for me?

Successful applicants will be provided to lots of excellent support to build success and further their career in science and engineering. You will access invaluable mentoring opportunities by a UKNEST Member organisation as well as networking possibilities, as you are paired with a UKNEST graduate buddy. The scholarship also provides the ‘potential for work placement with a UKNEST Organisation‘. You will also receive funding of £1,500 per academic year.


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How to apply

To enter their scholarship competition, submit a short essay (500 word max.) that answers and reflects on the following theme:

 ‘define and discuss the role, challenges and opportunities for a scientist or engineer working in the Naval Sector against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving digital age’.

This is what UKNEST says about further essay instructions:

“You should examine aspects such as the range of digital technologies both in existence and under development; and the implications for the digital engineer or scientist. In addition to the Royal Navy you should also consider the environments of Naval shipbuilding, maintenance and repair, not only in regard to the shipyards themselves but to the equipment and system suppliers also.”

You will be asked to submit your essay, together with a CV and a written academic reference, and use forms provided from UKNEST’s scholarship application website.

For more information about scholarships that UKNEST offers, and to read case studies of successful applicants in the past, visit their web pages.