Register for Sia Partners’ Global H-W3B Hackathon

Are you a coder with a passion for the future of technology, or a business-minded individual who wants to be at the front of sustainable tech innovation? Whether you’re a CS student or just a coding hobbyist, or find yourself at the centre of design and innovation for the future, this event is for you.

Sia Partners invites you to participate in the London leg of their global Web3 Hackathon, one of the five rounds hosted across the world (Dubai, Luxembourg, New York, London and Paris), all leading to a grand final hosted in Paris in Summer 2024. The hackathon aims to address sustainability challenges through blockchain technology, focusing on promoting environmental stewardship, corporate responsibility, and business growth.

  • Date: 6-7th April 2024
  • Duration: 48 Hours
  • Location: Sia Partners office- 90 Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A 7BN
  • Team size: 2-7 people
  • Prize Pool: £20,000

Why Attend?

  • Get hands-on experience with the cutting edge of Web3 technology: Collaborate with fellow students on ideating, designing, and coding creative solutions
  • The Future of Sustainability in Tech: Put yourself at the forefront of sustainable innovation by focusing on creating real solutions to make the world a better place
  • Amazing Prize: Compete for a place in the grand final and a prize of £20,000
  • CV-Boosting Experience: Showcase your skills and enhance your portfolio; you will be able to put your project in front of companies at the centre of sustainable technology who are constantly seeking solutions for the future

What to Expect:

  • Exciting Challenges: Tackle real-world sustainability problems with cutting-edge blockchain solutions
  • Insight into Industry: Find out how companies are using sustainable tech solutions right now to deal with the changing world around us, and how your ideas and solutions could help shape that
  • Networking Opportunities: Build connections that could shape your future in industry.

Areas of Interest:

  • Growth:The ability for an economy/organization to expand and develop while managing resources, such as using tokenised incentives for eco-friendly practices and smart contracts for efficiency
  • Environmental: The responsible and balanced use of natural resources to meet the needs of now without sacrificing the needs of the future, such as with waste management and recycling, renewable energy trading, and carbon footprint tracking
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Integrating social and ethical considerations into a company’s business practice, benefitting society as well as the organization, such as with tokenised impact investing, fair trade and ethical labour practices, and making supply chains traceable

Who Can Participate?

  • University students with a passion for blockchain technology and sustainability in tech. It is not necessary to be pursuing any degree in particular
  • Teams must be formed of 2 to 7 competitors
  • All skill levels are welcome

How to Register: 

Visit London | H-W3B ( to secure your spot. Hurry, limited slots available!

🌐 Website: London | H-W3B (
📧 Contact: Wilbur Zhu