Placement stories: Noe Meillon at Lloyds Banking Group part 2






In this blog, I will walk you through the work I accomplished during the previous months as a Software Engineer IP within Lloyds Banking Group. In the case that you haven’t read my previous blog, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Noe, I am from France, and I am in my penultimate year of a Computer Science BSc at King’s College London. I am currently trying to make the most out of my experience at the amazing Card Servicing Lab.

I believe the past seven months as a Software Engineering IP for Lloyds Banking Group were truly fulfilling. I have been involved in many different tasks; from engineering to recruiting tasks. Indeed, I work as a back-end engineer in a team with fellow engineers to deliver coding, testing and operational tasks in sprints. As our project involves two different companies (Lloyds Banking Group and Visa), stakeholders expectations are quite high. However, I feel totally integrated into the team whether the work is done remotely or on-site. I also took part in an internal hackathon sponsored by Visa and won with a team of graduate engineers. We won many goods and unlocked funds to potentially launch our project to the market. Similarly, I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the organising of a small hackathon between Lloyds Banking Group, WWF and a Scottish high school. I sincerely believe it was an enriching experience as I helped students discover the different opportunities technology now offers in our society. Moreover, I am proud to have been invited to represent the company in multiple early-careers recruiting events. Indeed, I was invited by King’s career coordinators to represent Lloyds Banking Group during a career fair with a senior engineer and an HR representative. In the same way, I am often helping during recruiting events to answer questions around the life of a junior software engineer at the company. I am also looking forward to assisting the recruiters for an upcoming full-day Software Engineering IP Assessment Center.

Thanks a lot for reading this far, I hope you found my blog post insightful and are looking forward to starting your placement year.