Opportunity Highlight: The World Ethical Data Forum Student Initiative

The following information was provided to us by the World Ethical Data Forum

Deadline 1st March

Our lives are increasingly online, every aspect, every field and every institution is implicated. Data and technology are at the heart of our contemporary world. COVID-19 has seen the rapid acceleration of this move to the digital sphere. With the potential consequences of data’s abuse so severe, and yet the benefits of these technologies so meaningful, it is crucial that we consider the ethical implications of this development to maximize the chances of delivering positive goods, the kinds of goods that these technologies so aptly promise.

At WEDF we work to facilitate understanding and collaboration of individuals of all perspectives, traditions, and cultures in order to thoughtfully and critically consider the issues surrounding the use and future of data and technology. We are therefore leading a Student Initiative to engage universities and students from around the world in the most crucial discussion of our time. Students will be given the opportunity to participate in a Student Virtual Summit, network and present their research related to the rapidly developing field of Data Ethics to both professionals and the public.

In order to participate in our Student Initiative, you will need to submit a paper either (a) identifying an original problem or (b) suggesting a solution to existing problems related to the use and future of data. Essays may be prepared individually or in teams of max 4 people. Following submissions, we will review and select 30 people from across the world to participate in a Student Virtual Summit and attend the World Ethical Data Digital Forum.

Key Criteria:

    • Scope: Identify an original problem or propose a solution to an existing problem related to Data Ethics
    • Topics related to Data Ethics from the perspective of:
      • Political Philosophy, Critical Thought& Ethics
      • Media Bias & Literacy
      • Cybersecurity
      • Privacy & Surveillance
      • Democracy, Human Rights, Civil Liberties & Law
      • Psychology/Psychoanalysis
    • Word limit: 1500-2000 words excluding reference (Reference format MLA/APA/Harvard)

Participating students will have the opportunity to:

    • Receive a Certificate of Participation
    • If selected, receive a FREE Standard Ticket to the World Ethical Data Forum in March
    • Present their work to both leading industry experts and attendees
    • Engage and network with an extensive audience of students, professionals, and attendees from across the world
    • Receive awards for the best papers and the opportunity to present at the Forum