Opportunity highlight: Teach First Training Programme

For a lot of final-year students and recent graduates, it’s an unsettling time to be searching for jobs. Here at King’s Careers & Employability we want to make sure our students know there are jobs still out there. Read on, as our guest bloggers at Teach First tell us about their current opportunity. 

If you haven’t yet settled on a plan for after uni then don’t panic, there’s time to apply for Teach First’s Training Programme before applications close on 30th April. Over 10,000 participants have entered the programme, joining a community across the country who have collectively taught over 1 million young people.

Here’s Teach First’s 11 reasons why you should consider applying for a teacher training programme.


Photo by Michel Porro on Unsplash
Reason 1: You’ll make a difference

Teachers change young people’s lives. Everyone can remember that one teacher who inspired them, and you’ll never forget the lives you changed.

Reason 2: It’s a (worthwhile) challenge

“Those who can’t do, teach” – WRONG! This is one of the most challenging careers in the country. There will be days when you find it tough, and there will be marking in the evenings. But there will be times where you’ll come out at the end of the week flying. Few other careers offer this level of reward.

Reason 3: You get paid 

Training programmes are a salaried route into teaching so no need for further tuition fees. And…

Reason 4: There’s opportunity for progression

… you could earn more than you think. Schools value good teachers, giving you many opportunities to increase your salary by taking on extra responsibility and progressing up the ranks.

And you won’t be alone in your development – there’s plenty of support for your career progression from your school and mentors.

Reason 5: It’s prestigious

Teach First has been consistently ranked in the Top Ten of the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers for the past ten years. The name Teach First means something. Good teaching is vital and it matters to the whole country. You have real responsibility from day one for your students and build your resilience, leadership and communication skills, to name but a few.

Reason 6: You can be creative

As a teacher your classroom is your domain, but with great power comes great responsibility and so no two days will ever be the same. Lesson planning is a true test of your creativity and cunning.

King’s Careers Take: Discovering careers in education & teaching? Take a look at our Keats sector guides, which have lots of great resources to get you started. 

Reason 7: Be part of a movement 

You and your fellow Teach First trainees are like comrades-in-arms – united together to get the best for your pupils and the school. Marking is always better together with pizza and there will definitely be socials and pub trips on a Friday.

Reason 8: Application support 

It’s as much about what you could do, not what you’ve done. Anyone could have the power to make a difference. Open an application with Teach First and their recruitment team can help you understand how you’ll be assessed and how to best show off when you’ve demonstrated key skills – be that in your bar job at uni, a volunteer role, or your summer internship.

Reason 9: Get world-class training

You get training like no other from leaders across the country. Consider it a teaching boot camp, but with an Ofsted Outstanding rating and considerably less mud.

And you’re not on your own come the start of the school year. You’ll teach a reduced timetable at first, and have an in-school mentor, a university tutor and dedicated support from Teach First for your whole two years and beyond.

Reason 10: Get a fully-funded postgraduate qualification

Teach First is the only route into teaching to offer a two-year Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). The PGDE is worth double the credits of a traditional PGCE and focuses equally on leadership development and teacher training.

Reason 11: Did we mention working with kids? 

Kids are just hilarious, and quite random. Every day you will find yourself chatting with your pupils in a way that beats any office small talk.  You’ll laugh at least once a day.

Image of man writing to chalkboard. Click here to read the blogMake your next move and step into the classroom with Teach First. Find out more and apply at https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/training-programme.

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