New Year, New Careers Goals

The New Year is upon us, days are getting longer, and exams are nearly over! Now that you’re done revising, you can use that time to work on your career (it can even be fun!)


We’ve got three simple steps to enhance your employability – remember, this is made of your KASE:


  • Knowledge (about a subject or about how you work),
  • Attributes (your qualities, behaviour, and values),
  • Skills (transferrable skills from your degree or your experiences), and
  • Experience (what have to gained from past experiences? All experiences help you learn about yourself and what you value in a career).


1. Sign up for an event:


We’ve got a huge variety of events coming up this term, with employer presentations, careers fairs, and our specialist Future Advantage series, run by our Careers Consultants. All of these events will help you reflect on your own KASE, and what you are looking for in future employment.


Don’t miss out on our popular Discover Careers In… panel events, and hear from a range of industry professionals working in policy, quantitative analysis, think tanks, publishing and journalism, clinical practice, defence and MORE! You’ll get a chance to ask questions and reflect on ways in to the sector.


Check out the full calendar of events on King’s CareerConnect, and don’t forget to turn up if you sign up!



2. Get involved:

Photo by Michel Porro on Unsplash


Now you’ve settled in and are revitalised after the break, get experience. This can be through a student society, volunteering for a cause, or taking on part-time work. We’ve got some great advice on balancing work and study, as well as application tips to help you bag that job.


Whatever it is, showing that you have experience being part of a team and balancing other commitments alongside your study will look great on your future applications.


3. Networking:


Networking can be great for your future career and chatting to potential contacts can give you insider info of the industry, allowing you to make informed decisions about what career you want to pursue.


But we get that it sounds scary, so we’ve put together some bespoke LinkedIn Learning collections for you to get expert tips. You can access these through King’s by using your single sign in. Dip in and out of the collections as much as you want!


Don’t forget to check out our blog post on networking to learn more!


There are tons of departmental networking nights this term – just look at the events on King’s CareerConnect!




It’s not too late to catch up on our Term 1 events: you can listen to recordings from our “Discover Careers In…” panel event series, or read our sector guides to discover what career path you might start to pursue! Remember you can work through your Discover, Focus, and Action stages on our KEATS pages.



Happy New Year from all of us at Careers!