Launching our virtual careers advice series #MyNextSteps

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The recent adjustment into virtual working and studying
has undoubtedly involved some new challenges.

Perhaps along with disruptions to your study or personal life, your career journey has gone into a bit of a hibernation. Perhaps you’re feeling a sense of worry or confusion as to what your next steps should be, or maybe you’re wondering how you can continue taking those important steps in your career journey in a virtual way.

Whether you are still discovering your interests about careers out there, focusing on developing your employability and narrowing down your career options, or ready to take action towards your career and pursuing opportunities relevant to you – we are here to support you.

 Launching #MyNextSteps – weekly advice content
to support your career journey

King’s Careers & Employability are launching a series of online events and blog posts, all designed to offer information, advice and guidance to students looking to manage your employability over the coming months. Follow the hashtag #MyNextSteps on our blog and social media channels to keep updated on the latest advice!

In future events, we will focus on what you can do about finding internships, how you can start thinking about virtual work experience, what employers are thinking about and what we’re hearing about changes to recruitment and the jobs market. Along with these career-oriented topics we’re also covering lots of employability topics – all about developing your employability (by which we mean developing your Knowledge, Attributes, Skills and Experience), building your resilience and how you can realise your potential, and develop it further during these times, even when a lot of normal life has changed to online and home-based activities.

Join us at our virtual launch event to discover:
1) What we will be offering over the next few weeks
2) How you can keep informed about what’s coming up
3) How you can input into our series of events
4) How your experiences at the present time can shape what comes next for you.

To attend our Launch Event via Microsoft Teams, click here to go to KCC and book your attendance.