Introducing King’s Skills for the Future

Developing your skills is a key part of improving your employability and increasing your chance of getting a job after you graduate. That’s why we developed King’s Skills for the Future.

King’s Skills for the Future is a self-assessment tool and set of learning pathways located on King’s CareerConnect. It is designed to help you evaluate, develop and expand your existing skill set. Using the existing King’s framework for identifying employability assets (KASE), the tool is focused on 30 high-value skills within 6 categories that are particularly important for your employability. 


How does it work?

Step 1: Log into King’s CareerConnect and head to the ‘Skills’ section or follow this link.

Step 2: Complete the Skills Profiling evaluation. This is a simple question-answer exercise that will allow you to evaluate your skills and explore how comfortable you feel using them. Once you have done this you are directed to learning pathways that can help you improve any skills you may wish to develop. There are no right or wrong answers in the initial self-assessment and it is important that you are honest, as this will help you invest time and energy in the skills that matter most to your own employability. Try not to put yourself under too much pressure and don’t worry if you are at a beginner level with some of these skills.

Step 3: Review your self-assessment. You will be given a score for each of the 36 individual skills. The skills that you are less confident in are the learning pathways that you should prioritise.

Step 4: Complete the relevant learning pathways. Each learning pathway will take you through content that has been carefully selected by the King’s Careers & Employability team to help you learn more about that skill, reflect on the skill in a productive way, and discover further resources to develop yourself going forward.

Step 5: Record and revisit. A record of your self-evaluation assessments and the learning pathways you have completed will be stored on King’s CareerConnect for you to refer to and you can use the assessment tool again to keep track of your progress.


Find out more

To find out more about King’s Skills for the Future, visit our KEATS page or head straight to the self-assessment tool on King’s CareerConnect.