Keeping up with the current job market… with our top 5 resources! #MyNextSteps

For this week’s #MyNextSteps blog, we’re jumping into what’s happening in the wider job market. Are you hoping to develop your understanding of graduate recruitment in your industry? Here are our top 5 resources where you can find out ongoing and current information about the current job market. 

During Covid-19, graduate recruitment and the current job market have changed fast in only a short amount of time. Because of this, ongoing research and understanding the current job market is very time-specific – what you have learned a few months ago might be old news today! But to keep current, the best thing is to keep learning. Here at King’s Careers Blog we want to help students and graduates not just learn what’s going on in the current job market today, but tomorrow and in the future as well. So, we’ve listed 5 resources all about how you can keep learning about the job market, develop your commercial awareness and how you can better understand recruitment trends during Covid-19 and beyond.


1) King’s Careers & Employability

Okay, a little self-promoting…. But it’s true! King’s Careers & Employability is committed to keeping students updated on all things careers during Covid-19 and we have loads of resources to help you keep track of the current job market. Join our #MyNextSteps webinar on 17 June titled “The Current Job Market”. Explore our blog category page to find exciting opportunities about competitions, schemes and volunteering, and read blogs about what’s currently going on in the job markets of different sectors (including a blog about the graduate outlook for PR and the wider Creative Industries). In addition, you can sign up to regular internships newsletters from King’s Internships to receive updated information about current opportunities and recruitment outlooks in industries, straight to your inbox!


2) Institute of Student Employers blog

The Institute of Student Employers (ISE) is a membership body of many large UK graduate recruiters who collect lots of information about job markets. The ISE blog is a good place to keep up to date on the picture of graduate recruitment. Also, they run research about the impact of Covid-19 on employers and recruitment and communicate these findings directly on their blog.


3) Latest information from Prospects

Prospects has lots of useful sector guides in all industries and jobs, with links to professional organisations. They can really help shed light on what’s going on in the current job market, as these job and sector profiles are updated regularly. Prospects also manage the site Luminate, which posts lots of useful and interesting articles about changing labour market circumstances (although this is more attuned for general grad recruitment trends rather than individual industry trends).


4) Charlie Ball’s blog on graduate recruitment

Charlie Ball is among many things, a specialist in labour market intelligence for grads and postgrads and the Head of Higher Education Intelligence for HECSU. His blog features useful weekly graduate recruitment updates and analysis about what’s going on in the job market out there. His blog is a useful tool for any graduate or postgraduate looking to understand changes in the labour market (with plenty of data-driven info featuring graphs, surveys and statistics).


Our Keats sector guides are another tool for helping you research: you can find specific and useful links to your industry – these links can lead you to useful blogs and news updates about what’s currently happening in your sector’s job market.


5) News & media articles

You can find really useful information about the current job markets by searching various news websites – they will often have categories that link to industry-related content as well as business, economics and graduate recruitment. For example, the Guardian has a specific category called Graduate Careers with lots of current news to keep you in touch with the latest grad & employment news across all sectors.



Join us on Wednesday for our next #MyNextSteps career advice webinar all about current job market updates and understanding what’s going on in the world of work today. The webinar is on Wednesday at 2 PM BST and all King’s students and alumni can attend the virtual event by clicking here!