Application season: Optimise your CV with KCL CareerSet!

Completing their CV is arguably one of the most daunting tasks students find when completing job applications. We understand that in today’s job market, it’s crucial that your CV stands out and is clear in demonstrating concrete examples of your experience and achievement so that employers can best understand what impact you can bring onto the table.  

King’s Careers & Employability have partnered with CareerSet, a comprehensive CV checker powered by AI that provides you with instant personalised feedback for your CV. Your CV will receive an overall score with targeted suggestions on how you may edit your CV to improve it. The scoring system also ensures your CV is Applicant Tracking System (ATS) ready. 

  • Use the Score My CV feature to receive AI generated feedback on its overall impact, style and brevity of your CV. Feedback reports generated include personalised advice on how to further enhance your CV. 
  • Use the Target My CV feature to find out how to tailor your CV to a specific role, based on keywords and skills. Target My CV allows a user to upload their CV and a job description (or select from template job descriptions) and the feature cross analyses them to find out how targeted your CV is for a role and offers advice and feedback. 
  • Use the Review My Cover Letter feature to optimise and personalise your cover letter based on the job description. Core checks includes salutations, length, word use and spelling; relevancy scoring helps match keywords to skills. 

CareersSet can help you independently enhance your CV, but our careers advisors are also here and available to help you at any stage of your career journey. Book an Application Advice Appointment or Careers Guidance Appointment here!