Introducing: ‘A Beautiful Mind’- Art, Science and Mental Health

We’ve got Adelah Bilal here today with details about ‘A Beatiful Mind’ – Art, Science and Mental Health, one of the many King’s Experience awards you can apply for this spring term… 

You may have heard this term “interdisciplinary” a lot whilst doing your degree and not had a clue what it really means or why it matters at all.

Fair enough.

Keep on reading and hopefully you’ll not only get a better understanding of this – but also how it relates to your future career…

What is interdisciplinary study?

Interdisciplinary study is about crossing the theoretical and practical boundaries of your academic degree.  It promotes challenging your thought process, learning styles and methods of reasoning by exploring different perspectives offered by other academic disciplines.

Why is this important for careers?

Well, people choose their degrees for different reasons. Maybe you decided on your degree because you have a future career in mind, or maybe your choice was based on a general interest in a subject area. Irrespective of your motivations for selecting your degree, most students hope to secure a job upon graduation that will be beneficial for starting their career journey. This job doesn’t have to be linked in any way to what you studied at university.

 “…accountancy firms employ lots of historians and management consultancies like to employ philosophers: it’s not because of the specific information they have learned during their degree, but because of how they learn.”  

Different degree programmes will focus on the development of certain skills and attributes. Therefore, additional interdisciplinary study can help to boost your skills development in other areas that may be beneficial to employers.

What interdisciplinary study opportunities are available at Kings?

The King’s Experience Interdisciplinary Award: ‘A Beautiful Mind’- Art, Science and Mental Health is a non-credit bearing academic module that you can take alongside your degree.

It is intended to develop your understanding of the links between mental health and disciplines within the sciences and the arts. It encourages engagement in these areas by stimulating debate and creativity. The Award module aims to develop your creativity and research skills by allowing you to reflect on your learning using innovative outputs.

This will contribute to your professional and personal development by enabling you to review, synthesise and integrate information from different disciplines.

I want to know more about this Award…

The first thing to do is check out the King’s Experience website, which will provide you with more information on the types of lectures you will be attending. Lectures take place on Fridays at Waterloo or Strand campuses; however, you can watch recordings of the lectures on KEATS if you can’t attend in person.

You can also sign up to attend the “Discover King’s Experience” inaugural lecture on Friday 18th January in G79 FWB from 9.30-11 – tea and coffee provided. This will give you some insights into the Award, what is expected of you and how interdisciplinary can support your academic, personal and professional development.

If you would like to apply to take part in this Award, please visit King’s CareerConnect and complete the short application form by Thursday 24th January 2019.

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