How to manage working during exam season

Fatima Malik, one of our Communication and Engagement Assistants, has given some tips about how to manage your time when juggling a job and studying. It is important to rest but there are also things that you can do to reduce your stress during a hectic time.


How to manage working during exam season

Exam season is in full swing and deadlines are creeping ever-close. To stay afloat during this busy period, it is crucial to arrange your priorities accordingly. Striking a healthy balance between work and university life is important not only for good grades but also your overall well-being. To avoid feeling stressed and overwhelmed, planning ahead is necessary. At the crux of every success story is a determined student with excellent time management skills. Working alongside studying definitely puts a squeeze on your time. To give yourself the best chances, we’ve piled together some things you can do to stretch your time further:


Make a revision plan: Creating a revision timetable is vital – consider it as the blueprint for your studies. By having a schedule, it ensures you cover everything in ample time whilst breaking things down into more manageable chunks. This makes revision seem less daunting and more surmountable. Begin by listing down what you need to do and order these tasks based on prime factors such as: areas of weakness, amount of content and exam date. Be honest and realistic with yourself when writing this to-do list – remember small efforts of consistency are always better than cramming! Block out parts of your plan to account for any shifts you might have. This will highlight the remainder of time you have left to study. Try to work around your contracted hours and take full advantage of any vacant days.


Ask for time off: Though the money can be attractive avoid picking up extra shifts during this season. As your time is already limited – doing overtime will only increasingly burden the load. Be direct and transparent with your manager if you ask to take some time off, hopefully they can empathize with your case. Also, the earlier you request and book off holidays, the likelier they are to be approved. You can always compensate for missed shifts through doing overtime in the summer but you only get one chance for your exams. Your education comes first and foremost beyond anything else – including working! Working part-time is great for the disposable income, however, it is only by doing well in your exams that you can secure your degree and future career.


Take care of your well-being: In the midst of juggling both work and uni deadlines, it is essential that you be conscious of your well-being. Part of being productive is taking breaks and making sure you’re well rested. You can only work to optimum capacity if your well-being is being nurtured. To avoid burnout, you must make time each day to practise mindfulness and do some exercise (these can be simple things such as journaling or walking your dog on for example). It’s difficult not to spread yourself out too thinly during exam season whilst you work but be assured that your health is number one – so don’t neglect it!


Good luck to all the hard-workers out there, may you all see the fruits of your labour!