How to improve commercial awareness with: Financial Times

For a lot of students preparing for job interviews in the Finance sector, they’re often asked to demonstrate their passion and interest in that particular role, and their knowledge of the company itself. Interviews will also be asking technical questions, where they’re looking for candidates who are using relevant terminology as they talk about background information, rationales, and analysis. Hence, it’s important for students to keep up to date about market trends. 

You might have seen it on the newsstand as you queue up at Sainsbury to pay for your last-minute frozen pizza dinner, you might have wondered: “Why is that newspaper pink?” Well, you’re looking at Financial Times (FT), a leading financial newspaper that focuses on business, economics, and current affairs. In 1893, FT decided to start printing their publication in unbleached paper that uses red China clay from a mine in Cornwall, which was not only the cheaper option, but also made the paper stand out from its competitors. Although it is now more expensive to publish in its distinctive salmon-pink hue, FT continues using the hue to represent their knowledge and innovation. So why read FT? 

Develop Financial Literacy 

Admittedly, FT has not made it easy for beginners to understand the paper. It’s confusing and complex to start, so much so that FT has published guides on ‘How to read the Financial Times’. To accommodate their target audience, they use specialised financial vocabulary and abbreviations, and technical analysis that may not be easy to interpret. However, with consistent reading, you can develop understanding of the terminology and learn about important changes and significant moves in the market, which will result in a better comprehension of how the global economy works. This can help support you answering technical questions during your interviews.  

Stay informed 

For students who are still considering their future careers, FT has a section on ‘Works and Careers’ which often provides insights about how others started out on their career and what advice they’ve got to give. This may help you explore other non-conventional roles in the financial industry and expand the breadth of your job search. 

Develop industry-knowledge and improve your commercial awareness 

For those interviewing for Finance-related jobs, FT provide valuable insights into the latest market trends, regulatory changes, and many important developments that impact the finance industry. By staying up to date to the latest developments, you can demonstrate your expertise in your interviews.  

One common barrier for students to delve into Financial Times is due to the limited accessibility- FT is a subscription-based newspaper that costs £319 annually. However, you’re in luck! King’s students can gain free access to the Financial Times.  

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