Guidance, inclusive career support and connection: Roche Mentoring Programme

With virtual lectures amongst a long list of changes, university life will be very different for new and returning students this autumn. Today we’re blogging with Roche, an organisation committed to enabling King’s students to access mentorship via the Roche Mentoring Programme.

Mentor and mentee sitting and talking together over a laptop
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Wherever you are on your personal career journey, you can definitely benefit from this opportunity. Let’s talk about what industry-based mentoring actually is – and how can King’s students take benefit of this great initiative! Applications are open now and close on 9 October 2020.


What is industry-based mentoring?

Industry-based mentoring is where a mentor, who is a professional in their field and wants to share insights, provide support and help develop the employability and careers prospects of a mentee (you!), who may be interested in entering the mentor’s field of work. However, while you might think that you have to have a crystal-clear idea of your career plan figured out that relates directly to a specific industry, in reality, you can greatly benefit from industry-based mentoring whether the direction of your career journey is specific or still in development.


Mentoring can benefit everyone

Mentors can be a great help for students to reach their potential and receive guidance on their career learning and next steps. The benefits of a mentor can be a great way to provide new opportunities and connect with industry professionals who share similar backgrounds or contexts to you, especially if you are from an underrepresented student group. Learning how others made and what barriers they faced – and how they overcame them – can be eye-opening and helpful for your own career journey going forward.


About the Roche Mentoring Programme

It’s not uncommon to feel uncertain about what the future will hold for you. A mentor from Roche can help provide a supportive and nurturing environment to walk you through these challenges, to be a sounding board for job applications or to review a CV, to be a confidant to ask those ‘silly’ questions, or simply provide reassurance that you are doing things the right way. How the relationship works is really up to each individual. We want you to get the most out of your time with your mentor and to value this unique opportunity. Diversity and Inclusion are embedded in our ethos and during unprecedented times like these, we know it is more important than ever to make connections, create a support network and build those relationships that can help you take the next step in your career path, which is why our mentoring programme aims to provide industry-based mentors to under-represented groups.


Next steps to register

If you are interested in the mentoring programme and would like to apply for a mentor, please complete the application on our website before 16 October deadline.

Some terms and conditions do apply which you will be able to read on our web pages.