Global Placement Stories | Hristina-Andreea Sararu at Sainsbury (Update!)

Global Placement Stories | Hristina-Andreea Sararu at SainsburyHristina Sararu is a current Computer Science student at King’s College London. In this entry of Global Placement Stories, Hristina talks more about what she’s learnt so far on placement and what a placement in data analytics can look like!

I am working as Data Analyst in my placement at Sainsbury’s within the Supply Chain department. The main reason for why I applied to a degree with a placement year was the experience. The experience within a company during your studies is so valuable – from networking to learning how to build business understanding. 

In my cohort, we are 14 interns, working in different departments – Marketing, Commercial, Analytics and Supply Chain. Even though we are in different departments, we still have a common learning plan (Python/Snowflake/SQL workshops, group projects). Obviously, in our most time, we work on individual projects within our teams. Everyone is willing to help you – that’s what we were told in the very first weeks and I noticed how friendly and helpful everyone is. Even though the person you ask something do not know the answer, you are redirected to the right person who can assist you! The best thing from our company is the flexibility: we can work from home, from the office, from everywhere we feel productive. Another cool thing that has recently been introduced is smart weeks, which means you can take off a day/a couple of hours if you work extra during the week. What I have learnt during my journey is that it is absolutely alright to make mistakes, no one will judge you – you are here to learn, experiment, so do not be afraid to ask questions! It is important to know your limits and how to organize your time so you will not miss any deadlines. 

When you choose your placement, think about your priorities, what you want to achieve. For me, I was looking for a challenging place with a great networking where I can expand my skill set from university. You should definitely apply to a placement if you are not sure about your career path! You can see what you like or what you should avoid in your future career. 

To sum up my experience in 3 words, I would describe it unique, inspiring, and full of learning.