Free psychometric tests!

Wanting to land a graduate job? Might have to do psychometric tests? Practice makes perfect!


Psychometric tests are used to measure the ability and aptitude of candidates and you’ll have to achieve a particular score before progressing to the next stage in the selection process. Around half of graduate recruiters use numerical reasoning tests in their recruitment, and over a third use verbal reasoning tests – so they really matter.


You can find out more about psychometric tests on our KEATS pages.

So how do you pass them?


  • If you need reasonable adjustments, get them sorted well before the test
  • Make sure you find a suitable, quiet working environment to take the test in
  • Most importantly, PRACTICE!


Practice makes perfect:


A recent comprehensive study has shown that the most important indicator for success in psychometric tests is prior practice. In fact, you’re 12% more likely to pass online numerical reasoning tests if you’ve practiced them!

So how to practice them? King’s has just started a brand new subscription with Graduates First, the leading online aptitude test site. There are over fifty tests, including verbal, numerical, and diagrammatic reasoning, Watson Glazer tests, gamified assessments and more. As a King’s student, you can access them all for free, get detailed explanations if you get a question wrong, and track your progress.


Just follow this Graduates First link and sign in with your King’s email address to get practicing!