Event alert! Global Virtual Skills Conference for students led by ICAEW

Today, we’re sharing an exciting and valuable event coming up next week with ICAEW – all about virtual skills and self-development on your career journey during Covid-19. With soft skills as well as industry-wide discussions, this is a great event for students of all backgrounds and interests – but especially those interested in the world of Finance.

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Developing new skills is always worth your while whether that’s for your career, study or life in general. But we’ve heard of the value of upskilling a lot recently – especially as we’re all reacting to the new normal brought by Covid-19 and the changing world of work, it’s the number one activity that everyone can do to keep a competitive edge and help develop your employability.

Where can students upskill? Well, lots of places! Starting with LinkedIn Learning, as a King’s student you have access to thousands of videos to help you upskill in university and professional life, from Microsoft Office tips to leadership skills. In addition, taking part in practical webinars from your faculty, careers service or institution are great ways to upskill, and you may even find training sessions organised by employers and organisations, designed specifically for students to upskill and develop their employability.

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Global Virtual Skills Conference on 8-10th September

That is exactly what ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) are organising for global students! During the three day’s free virtual conference, between 8th, 9th and 10th September 2020, students from all study backgrounds and career interests can take part in developing their global virtual skills, finding the right attitude for a growth mindset, and getting perspective on your next university and career steps, wherever you are on your career journey at the moment.

While it’s especially useful for students and graduates interested in accountancy and finance, this conference is an experience that students from any industry can benefit from. You’ll join for 3 hours a day between 9-12, and attend various virtual sessions led by international experts from Deloitte, BDO, ICAEW, British Council and more, to learn about mindsets, values and techniques to get ahead, not just in finance but every industry.

To learn more and register for the Global Virtual Skills Conference, explore their website. Make sure to register your (free) attendance before next week.

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